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Our comfortable bicycle seats, gel bicycle seat pads, and exercise bike seats help relieve pain and numbness allowing you to get more exercise. 



Comfortable Bicycle Seats - Derri-Air Seats


Exercise Bike Seat 

              Adaptor Kit Installation Instructions
                       Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!
Exercise Bike Seat Post Clamp - Reversing the Clamp to stop the springs from hitting the adapter plate - Instructions


Rotate the clamp to look like this instead of this


Instructions for removing and re-installing the post clamp:

Set the seat post clamp with the inside indented post stopper "nub" down.  (or next to the seat)
Remove the nut.
Remove the outer "D" shaped retaining plate.
Remove and separate the right side inner round piece from the center "U" clamp.

Pull out the center Rod.

Remove and separate the left hand inner round piece from the center "U" clamp.
Insert the center "U" clamp in between the rails of your seat, and insert the left hand inner round piece between the rail and the U clamp. 

The rail should be in the groove of the left hand inner round piece

Rail in the groove.
Rotate the inner round piece to press the toothed sides flat together.
Insert the center rod, but not all the way through.
These are the steps that are important. 

Insert the right hand inner round piece onto the seat rail just below the "U".

Rotate the inner round piece to press the toothed sides flat together.

It is a tight fit, press hard.

If they are not pressing flat, try lifting up on the rod and pressing down on the center.
Also try pressing the inner round piece at the same time with your other hand.

It will snap in place, be firm.

Align the centers of each piece.

Push the rod through the centers.

Install the outer "D" shaped retaining plate.
The outer "D" shaped plate should fit inside the Inner round piece.
Install the nut.
Place your seat over the post of the exercise bike seat adaptor or your bicycle's 7/8" seat post.

Exercise bike seat adaptors are available here.

Seat posts are available here.

Tighten the nuts on both sides. A socket wrench is best.

Check nuts after 1 week and tighten as necessary.

If you need assistance, call customer service Toll Free (855) 855-1976

See the Adaptor Shapes - Match Yours



See The Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat Available. 
Guaranteed or Your Money Back!   Comfortable Bicycle Seats









Derri-Air   Derriair   Comfortable Bicycle Seats & Exercise Bike Seats

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Mailing Address: PO Box 305 Rexford, MT 59930
Freight & Warehouse & UPS/FEDEX Address: 1409 Monarch Lane, Rexford, MT  59930


NEW - Customizable Gel Bicycle Seat and Exercise Bike Seat Pad

Use our wide comfortable bicycle seats and exercise bike seats on your outdoor bicycle and indoor exercise bike.
Fits mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, comfort bikes, stationary bikes and mopeds too. 
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